May 13 2021
1:32 AM
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  The bipartisan agreement to focus on budget-balancing bills   Oregon Republican lawmakers to waive full reading of budget bills  

Story by KATU Staff - Story Source
Published on Monday April 5, 2021 - 12:55 AM

PORTLAND, Oregon - On this week's segment of Your Voice Your Vote, KATU News is joined by two leaders of the Oregon House of Representatives to talk about the bipartisan agreement to focus on budget-balancing bills.

On Thursday, it was announced that the House GOP will waive the requirement to read bills word by word on the floor, specifically for budget bills, which will save time. Republican lawmakers previously did this way to demonstrate their concern over proposed legislation.

With three months left in the session, Oregon House Republican Leader Rep. Christine Drazan and Oregon House Majority Leader Rep. Barbara Smith Warner join KATU News to talk about where things currently stand and what's next.