May 17 2021
8:26 AM
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  19-Year-Old Missing girl found dead need Oregon   Tatiana Dugger missing case  

Story by ALBERTO LUPERON - Story Source
Published on Monday April 5, 2021 - 12:52 AM

BUTTE COUNTY, California - Deputies announced on Friday that missing teenager Tatiana Dugger was found dead. Her body was discovered north in Siskiyou County, which borders Oregon.

Authorities made the tragic revelation almost three months after she disappeared. Her family reported the 19-year-old missing to the Oakland Police Department on January 9, according to investigators. Butte County deputies–who took jurisdiction because that's where Dugger's family lives–said that the victim's last known whereabouts were in Oakland. She had moved from Butte County to Los Angeles three months before, deputies said in a February 11 press statement.

"The Oakland Police Department Missing Persons Unit Investigators will continue to provide support and resources to help the Butte County Sheriff's Office detectives and the Dugger family in locating Ms. Dugger," Oakland police Deputy Chief Drennon Lindsey said at the time.