April 23 2021
11:14 AM
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Hidden mural in Milwaukie Westmoreland tells Indian legends
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Story by Rita A. Leonard - Story Source
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  The half-hidden mural on the corner of Bybee and Milwauke in Westmoreland The legend behind Hidden mural in Milwaukie Westmoreland  
John Keane, owner of the C.A. Butt Building at 6805 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue in Westmoreland, just north of Bybee Boulevard, last year commissioned an 11 foot by 60 foot mural, facing south on the building's second story, to commemorate an Indian legend about how Willamette Falls was created.The mural is colorful, but is easily overlooked, since it is set well back from the roofline of Kay's Bar and Nectar Frozen Yogurt Lounge – and only fragments of it are visible, until you put some distance southward between the intersection and yourself to bring more of it into view.

Keane hired artist Andrew Young to create the mural, which was coordinated through the Portland Street Art Alliance; it was completed last November. Young is a lifelong artist who owns a multi-media product company called Splint Media. He enjoys conceiving each project holistically, he explains – to understand how people interact with his art.

Among the historic local tribes are the Kalapuya and Chinook Indians, who each have legends of how the Willamette Falls at Oregon City were created by "Coyote", a traditional "trickster" character. Such a legend forms the basis for this mural.