May 7 2021
12:38 AM
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  An eligibility expansion for the families of frontline workers   Outlining the latest virus forecast  

Story by Ben Botkin - Story Source
Published on Saturday April 3, 2021 - 2:26 AM

SALEM, Oregon - Oregon continues to advance its vaccine rollout and on Friday said it is making family members of front-line workers eligible for vaccines starting Monday.

But the state still faces challenges and is tamping down its earlier projections that everyone who wants a shot will have received one by the end of May. The culprit: Oregon, like other states, is suffering from a delay in Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses after a manufacturing error spoiled millions of doses.

However, Oregon officials are sticking to their vaccine rollout schedule to make frontline workers eligible on Monday and everyone 16 and older eligible by May 1.

In a press conference on Friday, Gov. Kate Brown announced that family members of front-line workers will be eligible on Monday. Brown said that's part of a strategy to keep the vaccine rollout "fast and fair."

"If you're a frontline worker, when you make an appointment for a vaccination for yourself, make one for your entire family," Brown said.

It's unclear how many more members of the public this makes eligible, as there is overlap among people eligible for different reasons. For example, some frontline workers also have underlying health conditions and some household members already are eligible due to their age.