April 15 2021
7:09 AM
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Multiple Fires In Clark County, Busy Day
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Story by The Oregon Herald Staff
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  Busy day for firefighters Firefighters quickly went into 'offensive' mode  
Clark County Fire District 6 Firefighters raced from one house fire to another this afternoon. The first, on NW Alki Road, started in an historic structure and was burning when fire engines arrived. Firefighters from CCFD6 and Vancouver Fire quickly went into "offensive" mode and entered the old home. The fire was extinguished in less than 15 minutes, and while the contents appear to be a total loss the structure itself was in fairly good shape (permission to use videos from our Facebook page).

Flames were clearly evident in the second fire, which was called in as crews were mopping up from the first blaze. The north exterior wall was on fire when crews arrived to NE 11th Circle. The homeowner reported hearing a "pop" and then the fire started on the outside wall. While crews from CCFD6 and Vancouver Fire were able to knock down the flames in less than 10 minutes, they were prohibited from cleaning up until NW Natural Gas was able to turn off the gas line. Fortunately in both cases there were no injuries to either homeowner or firefighters. The Clark County Fire Marshal is investigating the cause and damage estimates from both fires.