May 12 2021
6:31 AM
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  OREGON'S BAYOCEAN HISTORY   Tidal forces destroyed a man's dream  

Story by Mallory Gruben For The Astorian - Story Source
Published on Saturday March 20, 2021 - 1:07 AM

Although he lives in Maryland, musician Matt Cutter is intimately familiar with a little-known piece of Oregon's history: the rise and fall of Bayocean.

His band, Rectangle Creek, released an eponymic album about the city in June. Cutter discovered the so-called "city that fell into the sea" while researching for a speculative fiction novel he wants to write about post-ecological collapse in the U.S.

Bayocean was once a resort city on a peninsula between Tillamook Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The peninsula is now covered with brush, with few remaining clues about its history.

"It is literally a ghost city because there is nothing left of it whatsoever," Cutter said. "It's all just flat and smooth for miles and miles. (There is) literally no trace of this town but it's amazing that there was a natatorium — a huge indoor, steam-powered wave pool with a 1,000 seat movie theater. They were trying to build an Atlantic City on the West Coast."