April 18 2021
8:47 AM
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Oregon sees decline in COVID-19 hospitalizations
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Story by SARAH HURWITZ - Story Source
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  Covid-19 Hospitalizations declining  
PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - COVID-19 hospitalizations are declining across Oregon, that's according to data from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

Over the weekend, there were 100 COVID-19 hospitalizations across the state.

According to OHA data, the last time Oregon saw numbers that low was in mid-September.

"One conclusion you can draw is that we are vaccinating more people, we are getting to the point where herd immunity is in sight in a few months," President & CEO of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, Becky Hultberg said.

Hultberg says another factor that may be contributing to the decline is who we're vaccinating right now.

"We are vaccinating people over the age of 65. Those are the people most likely to end up with severe COVID and end up in the hospital."

Hultberg says the more people who are vaccinated in that age group, the more likely the state's hospitalizations for the virus will decline in the near future.

But she says this all depends on overall cases across the state and if everyone continues to do their part.

"We could still see a spike if we let down our guard," Hultberg said. "And so now is not the time to do that, it's time to keep wearing masks and continuing doing all those things that helped our cases go down in the first place."

So, from the hospital's perspective, what does the future look like?

"It's going to circulate in our communities probably forever," Hultberg said. "But that doesn't mean that our lives won't get back to normal, that we won't be able to see people we love and to do the things that we have so missed doing the last year. So I'm feeling optimistic about this summer."

Based on Oregon's current vaccine timeline, everyone who wants a vaccine should have the option by summer.

Hultberg says when that happens, she believes our lives will return to some normalcy. Read full story