April 23 2021
10:12 AM
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  CRIME IN PORTLAND Portland City Safety  
For anyone coming to Portland in the near future, you've probably wondered about this. Whether you're coming to Portland as a tourist, by business, or looking to move here, it's essential to learn about safety. To answer the question straightforwardly – yes, Portland is a safe place. In fact, Portland has below average violent crime rates per population. However, there are always risks when coming to an unfamiliar place. Here's where you'll learn from the top taxi service in Portland how to stay safe when you visit Portland.

CRIME IN PORTLAND Crime in Portland is lower than in other bigger US cities. There's less than average violent crime. However, there are more petty crimes and property related crimes. For example, Portland is very much developed for cyclists. There are bikes everywhere, and bike theft is the most common one. If you rent or buy a bike to use in Portland, make sure you've outfitted it with a good lock. Follow the instructions and never forget to check if it's secured before leaving. If you're driving, make sure you don't overstep into the cyclist lanes for safety. There are a lot of wide bike lanes and areas, so be aware of that.

Like the vast majority of the west coast, Portland also has issues with homelessness. This influences the spike in petty crime. Make sure that when you are going out, you leave your valuables in your hotel room. Take just what's necessary and try to use cards for payments, and not cash. These are only the standard precautionary measures. If you're walking in a crowded area, keep your belongings close to you. Pickpocketing, like in any part of a crowded city, can happen.

Lastly, if you've traveled by car, never leave valuable in it. Although Portland is mostly a safe city, it doesn't mean that someone can't try and take something from your car. So, expensive tech, jewelry, watches, and anything valuable goes with you to the room. Even the most crowded areas of Portland have cases of smash-and-grab thefts. Always check if you locked your car and never leave anything valuable in the sight of people.

STAYING SAFE IN PORTLAND To stay safe in Portland, make sure you follow the precautionary measures we've mentioned before. Furthermore, some parts of the city are best to avoid. It doesn't mean that you can't come through there at all, stay cautious, and avoid going there at night. If, by any chance, you happen to be in one of these areas and can't go on foot, rely on your excellent taxi service in Portland to take you home safely.

The highest rate of violent crime in Portland happens around the Gateway Transit Center in Hazelwood. Avoid that place at all costs, especially if you're new to Portland.

Old Town, located in the North, has a lot of homeless people, not so pleasant beggars, and drug addicts.

Avoid the Selwood bridge if you can, and if there's no other choice, drive very carefully. The bridge is old, narrow, and cyclists also like to squeeze in there with you.

Also, a side note: Don't think you can get away with parking in a no parking space for "just a minute" or overstay your parking spot in Portland. You will get a ticket. It's cheaper to call a cab in Portland than to have to pay a fine.