May 16 2021
7:45 PM
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Story by KATU Staff - Story Source
Published on Thursday March 11, 2021 - 9:48 PM

SALEM, Ore. – Paris Hilton is spoke to Oregon lawmakers Thursday, testifying in support of Senate Bill 710.

If passed, SB-710 would prohibit and regulate restraining children in care by child-caring agencies.

Hilton said she was speaking in solidarity with hundreds of other institutional abuse survivors. The reality star and business mogul shared her story of being taken to an institution against her will.

She says that one night when she was 16 years old, she woke up to two transporters standing over her bed, telling her she could go the easy way or hard way. The hard way, she says, being restrained and taken somewhere unfamiliar.

"It wasn't until I arrived at the facility the next morning that I knew what was happening. In any other context, we call this kidnapping," Hilton said. "I challenge you. Is this the process necessary, therapeutic or, in any sense, the way to do it."