April 22 2021
9:44 PM
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Proposal would increase Oregon minimum wage to $17 statewide July 1, 2022
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Story by The Oregon Herald Staff
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SALEM, Ore. - Oregon lawmakers introduced a bill to increase the minimum wage statewide to $17 on July 1, 2022.

Oregon currently has 3 separate wage zones for the Portland Metro area, standard counties and nonurban counties.

The minimum wage is currently $13.25 in the Metro area; $12 in Lane, Linn and Benton and other "standard" counties; and $11.50 an hour in Coos, Douglas and other "nonurban" counties.

The wage is scheduled to increase to $14 in the Metro, $12.75 in standard and $12 in nonurban on July 1 of this year and again on July 1, 2020, to $14.75/$13.50/$12.50.

After that, current law directs the state to adjust the standard wage annually based on the Consumer Price Index. The Metro wage would be $1.25 more per hour than the standard wage; nonurban employers would pay $1 less than the standard wage.

House Bill 3351 would disrupt that timeline by moving the wage to $17 across the entire state on July 1, 2022.

The wage would then be adjusted annually to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index, with one wage for the entire state.