March 5 2021
11:31 AM
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Power restored to over 85 percent of customers who lost power in Portland and Willamette Valley
The Oregon Herald Staff
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Pacific Power restores service to over 85 percent of customers who lost power in Portland and Willamette Valley

Improved weather and more crew personnel fuel progress in sweeping restoration effort responding to the most significant ice event in decades. Due to heavy damage, some outages could extend into Thursday

PORTLAND, Ore. (Feb. 16, 2021) — With more than 400 employees and contractors in the field, Pacific Power is in high gear restoring service to customers in Northeast Portland and the Willamette Valley.

At times during the past few days upwards of 80,000 customers in western Oregon experienced service disruption due to the destructive ice storms. As of 4 p.m. today, more than 85 percent of impacted customers, over 70,000 homes and businesses, are now back in service.

“While we have made good progress restoring the majority of customers impacted by this storm, we will continue to work around the clock for the remaining 2,200 customers in Portland without service and 7,700 customers in the Willamette Valley areas,” said Allen Berreth, vice president of operations. “We have appreciated the patience of customers, some of whom have been without power in winter weather for more than 72 hours. Our crews, and those of our sister utilities, are hard at work clearing trees, repairing equipment and getting electricity flowing again as quickly and as safely as possible.”