March 4 2021
8:35 PM
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Oregon's health workers and public both facing fatigue, but there's now an end in sight
By Jordyn Brown - Register-Guard - Story Source
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When public health officials asked Oregonians to buckle down to slow COVID-19 spread in March, people largely listened, holding onto the hope it would mean a return to "normal" life in just a few weeks.

But it's been 10 months of foregoing normal as the virus continues to spread.

Some people are emotionally weary with mental health concerns on the rise, while others are now apathetic to the situation, leading many to drop their guard as case counts rise. Meanwhile, health care workers still are operating on full speed, forced to keep their stamina for nearly a year while guarding themselves from the virus.

As one side becomes more fatigued by the pandemic, the scale tips on the other.

With the recent distribution of the vaccine, health workers in Eugene are feeling hopeful with the first real glimpse of an end in sight. But to reach it, others in the community will have to stay diligent for months.

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