April 21 2021
1:45 AM
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Oregonians Celebrate Thanksgiving
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Story by Sandy Kromeir - The Oregon Herald
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Amid worries about covid-19, Oregonians are celebrating Thanksgiving together, but many with diminished guests as they are worried about Governor Brown's mandate.

More people are staying home for Thanksgiving in much small groups. The world is different but for Thanksgiving, we need something familiar, family, cranberry sauce, turkey and dressing.

Restaurants offer take out menus, targeted for small groups offering pumpkin dishes, salad, turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables and of course, apple pie.

What will Thanksgiving 2021 bring? More of the same or will we be getting back to normal? Will there be anything for which to be thankful, so many relatives, friends, and family members separated because of the virus, all around the world. These days the future is unknown. No one alive has ever experienced this kind of problem. It's all new and until a tried and true vaccine is available for all of us, we can only wait and wonder, and hope.