April 21 2021
6:00 PM
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Oregon COVID cases spiral out of control
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Story by Sandy Kromeir - The Oregon Herald
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SALEM, Oregon - Oregon has reported 1,122 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, an increase from 988 cases on November 7.

In the first week of November, Oregon had 5,177 new cases. That's approaching a 50% increase.

There were 212 hospitalizations and weekly deaths of 42, record highs for Oregon last week.

State health officials believe the virus is being spread faster because of more gatherings in Oregon. Officials are therefor urging Oregonians to limit social gatherings to family only, or no more than the same six people from outside their households, and reduce the frequency of gatherings, and wear masks.

The general Salem area seems to have the highest outbreaks of the virus with new outbreaks reported at Marquis Corp. in Independence, with 10 cases; Salem Best Buy, with six cases; Salem Costco Wholesale, with five cases; Hope Orthopedics of Oregon, with five cases; and Turner Lumber in Turner, with five cases.