April 22 2021
12:14 PM
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Governor Kate Brown extends pandemic emergency declaration until early 2021
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Story by Gordon Grearson - The Oregon Herald
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SALEM, Oregon - Governor Brown on Tuesday took action and extended the state of emergency declaration that has enabled her to for COVID-19 another 60 days until January 2, 2021.

Governor Brown's extension was originally scheduled to expire Nov. 3.

"Extending the COVID-19 state of emergency is not something I do lightly, but we know all too well that not taking action would mean an even greater loss of life," Brown said in a statement. "The second wave of COVID-19 has arrived in the United States, and this time it is hitting all of our communities."

This is the fourth time Gov. Brown extended the emergency since she first authorized it on March 8. Most assume there will be more regulations Brown has or will use her power to dictate how businesses should handle the covid-19, prohibit evictions, and set standards for schools.

The original emergency declaration was scheduled to end in early November but there was no expectation that Gov. Brown would allow it to expire.

"Oregon is not an island," Brown said in a statement. "Without safety precautions in place, we could quickly see our case counts spike as well. We must continue to work together and follow the simple steps that have kept us safe throughout this pandemic: washing our hands, wearing face coverings, watching our physical distance, staying home when sick, and avoiding social get-togethers, especially indoors."