April 23 2021
5:08 AM
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Report on Fires Near Salem
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SALEM, Oregon - Today we saw a few areas be reduced from level 3 to level 2, see below. As levels are reduced, we want to remind community members they are permitted to return to level 2 evacuation areas, though they should remain prepared to evacuate should conditions change.  

Be aware that the following conditions persist within fire impacted areas and plan accordingly.

  • Gates Hill Road remains closed.
  • Numerous fire damaged trees remain near roadways and properties. These trees may fall at any time. Remain vigilant and be prepared to deal with downed trees on the road.
  • Watch out for falling rocks and debris in the roadway.
  • Do not approach downed power lines.
  • Drive slowly! Be watchful for personnel working in the roadway as road cleanup and utility repairs are still ongoing.
  • Keep a safe distance from septic tanks and other buried structures that may have been damaged in the fire.
  • All county parks located within the fire zone are closed.
  • Comply with roadway signs and instructions provided by road crews, utility workers and law enforcement.



Refer to Marion County's website at for additional information about returning to fire impacted areas.

Current evacuation areas at 5 p.m., September 21st, 2020:

Level 3 – "Go"




North Fork Road east of Pioneer Road SE.

Hwy 22 east of Mile Post 32.5

Level 2 – "Be Set"

Hwy 22 from Mile Post 16.5 to Mile Post 32.5



Mill City


Fernridge Rd west of Shellburg Creek Rd to Basil Hill

Crooked Finger Rd S of Hazelnut Ridge Rd 

North Fork Road to Pioneer Road, including Kubin Road SE

Pioneer Road SE to Hwy 22, including Hudel Road SE and Taylor Park Road

Level 1 – "Ready"

Scotts Mills

Areas east of Meridian Road, Davis Creek, and Victor Point south to the Marion County line