April 23 2021
4:50 AM
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Holiday Farm Fire Evacuation Levels Downgraded in Many Areas
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The Level 3 (Go Now) Evacuation Notice for Highway 126 from Camp Creek Road to McKenzie Ranger Station, including connecting roads, is now a Level 2 (Be Set).

The Level 2 (Be Set) Evacuation Notification for Highway 126 east of the McKenzie River Ranger Station to the junction of Highway 126 and Highway 20 (Santiam Junction) has been downgraded to Level 1 (Be Ready).

Although evacuation levels are lowered, OR Hwy 126 remains closed by ODOT between Leaburg Dam Road at milepost 23.9 and the west entrance of McKenzie River Drive at milepost 46.3 for safety, response, and repair work.

Residents accessing reopened areas are asked to avoid barricaded locations for their own safety. Fire-damaged structures can be extremely hazardous and residents are encouraged to have professionals assess and deal with damaged areas once those areas open for return. Serious hazards can include unstable and falling debris, toxic substance exposure including asbestos and eye/lung/skin impact from ash and other irritants. See more at

Residents should be aware that the change to Level 2 (Be Set) reflects that fire danger has only subsided in that area enough to allow residents access to the area so they can make additional preparations for their homes, livestock or other animals. They should expect that if fire behavior increases these areas may return to Level 3 (GO NOW) and residents must be able to leave again at a moment's notice.

Level 2 (Be Set) means there is significant danger to your area and residents should either voluntarily relocate to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area and be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. Emergency responders may not have time to provide you with additional notice if danger increases.

Authorities suggests that everyone continue to monitor cell phones, landlines, local media and for evacuation updates.