April 23 2021
4:52 AM
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OHA Releases Weekly Testing Summary
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Today, August 10, 2020, OHA released its Weekly Testing Summary which showed that the week of Aug. 2 – Aug. 8, 25,744 tests were reported. Of those tests, 1,380 or 5.4 percent were positive, down from the 6.3 percent rate a week earlier.

This week, OHA has begun using specimen collection date as our denominator for COVID-19 test results, including percentage positivity, across all of OHA's reported testing data. This change means testing data will be reported based on the date/week in which specimens were collected. These products include the Tableau data dashboards summarizing percent positivity by county, the overall percent positivity in Oregon, the data for metrics relating to schools reopening, as well as this Weekly Testing Summary and the Weekly Report. The data in these various products will not shift significantly as a result of this change.