April 23 2021
4:49 AM
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Portland police arrest two demonstrators in downtown Portland
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Story by by Maggie Elliot - The Oregon Herald
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PORTLAND, Oregon - On August 1, 2020, at about 8:50 p.m., demonstrators blocked traffic along Southwest 3rd Avenue outside the Mark O. Hatfield U. S. Federal Courthouse. Hundreds of people listened to speeches and marched through downtown before moving back along Southwest 3rd Avenue.

Meanwhile, a group of about two hundred marched from Laurelhurst Park, occasionally blocking traffic lanes. They walked to the Penumbra Kelly Building, 4735 East Burnside Street stood blocking East Burnside Street, and a few began throwing glass bottles in the direction of police. Vehicles blocked East Burnside Street from Northeast 47th Avenue to Northeast 50th Avenue.

Police believe someone in the crowd threw a glass jar or bottle filled with paint striking a Portland Police officer in the head but not injuring the officer.

Portland Police provided public address announcements directing people to remain off of the property of the Penumbra Kelly Building and to move away to the west. As people continued to throw glass bottles and other objects Portland Police declared that the assembly blocking East Burnside was unlawful and directed people to disperse.

Police then moved the demonstrator west. Near East Burnside and Southeast 44th Avenue a person moved a car slowly in front of police, then police let the air out of its tires and passed it by. Upon reaching Southeast 41st Avenue and Southeast Pine Street, Portland Police returned to the Penumbra Kelly Building.

Arrested were Max Van Briesen, 31, of Portland, who was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of Assaulting a Public Safety Officer, Interfering with a Police Officer, and Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree. Freedom Moreno, 34, of Portland, was charged with Interfering with a Police Officer, Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree, Resist Arrest, and Harassment.

A large portion of the crowd marched blocking city streets and circled back toward the Penumbra Kelly Building. Portland Police met the crowd near Southeast 50th near East Burnside and directed it south all the way to Southeast Belmont Street. Again people with "press" written on their outer garments were among those throwing objects at police. Portland Police disengaged from the crowd near Southeast Belmont Street and Southeast 48th Avenue. The crowd did not return to the Penumbra Kelly Building. There was no use of CS gas.

Back downtown, just after midnight, the majority of the crowd that had gathered outside the federal courthouse embarked on a march through Downtown and the Pearl District. The large group shrunk during the nearly two hour walk. When it returned to Southwest 3rd Avenue, the crowd consisted of about 100 people who slowly drifted off into the city over the next hour. The march was peaceful and Portland Police did not interact with the crowd of people downtown.