May 15 2021
3:15 AM
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Story by Jennifer Kennedy - The Oregon Herald
Published on Tuesday July 28, 2020 - 4:55 AM

PORTLAND, Oregon - (See Updated news at the bottom of this page.)
Just when you thought Vietnam was becoming a trusted partner with Americans, when you thought Vietnam was civilized and cared about people, you find it may not be true at all, just another heartless third world country that still has a grudge against Americans.

Case in point:
An American from Portland, Oregon currently in Vietnam, used Vietnam's Express Mail Service (EMS) in Da Lat, Vietnam to mail a very important package to the Philippines. In that package contained credit cards and passports for his two year old daughter and wife so they could leave the Philippines. Their passports were mistakenly left in the father's luggage when he traveled to Vietnam. Without those passports and credit cards his wife and young daughter are homeless, stranded in the Philippines with no money and no way to receive money without identification. They rely only on the good nature of the people of the Philippines. Unlike Vietnam, it seems Filipinos have a heart.

EMS (EMS Cooperative) is owned and regulated by Vietnam itself and located on the web at It is the main post office downtown Da Lat, Vietnam where our American paid a hefty fee to mail his package. He was promised the package would be delivered in about ten days. It has been about 60 days and still the package has not been delivered and there is no tracking information for the last month. His wife and daughter are both sick and desperate for help from the Vietnam government and EMS. Our American asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal or deportation from the Vietnam government.

Repeated trips to the main post office gave a promise from a supervisor to look into the problem and get back to him. He left a phone number and they already have his address. But the supervisor did not contact him so it seems Vietnam does not care about sick babies, Americans stranded because of Vietnam's heartless and inhuman treatment of their own customers. It's a sad day when we are forced to believe that Vietnam is less friendly and much less organized than China.

Vietnam use to have a tradition of honor and professionalism. We can see no evidence in this case. It may be time to contact Nguyan PhĂș Trang and those in the National Assembly. Unless they get off their respective butts, we believe people at the post office in Dalat, Vietnam and at EMS should be fired and replaced by people who know what they are doing and will not lie to their customers.

We will follow up on this story to see if Vietnam will do what is right and get the package delivered in the Philippines to the stranded baby and her mother.