October 20 2020
4:10 AM

Oregon News

Crowds of protesters grow as one person is stabbed and federal authorities continue abductions
by Kent Masterson - The Oregon Herald
PORTLAND, Oregon - After police used tear gas on protesters, an unidentified person was stabbed in downtown Portland Saturday morning.

Police say the crowd outside the federal courthouse was at first peacefully listening to speakers then at about 11 p.m. Friday, people began shaking a fence. Police then tried to move the crowd out of the area but with not much success.

Federal agents forceful pushed protesters back and black smoke filled the air and explosions.

Live video feeds showed federal agents dispersing tear gas and flash bangs from behind the heavy metal fence set up as a barricade between the justice center and protesters.

Before the tear gas was released, many peaceful protesters sang "Black lives matter" and waved cell phone flashlights while listening to speeches.

Portland protests have continued for more than 50 days since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

President Trump said federal officers were sent to the city to protect federal property, but protesters and local leaders have strongly opposed their presence.

The stabbing suspect was taken into custody. The crowd grew and included a mixed group of demonstrators with veterans supporting Black Lives Matter, medical workers in scrubs, and attorneys.