April 23 2021
5:18 AM
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Portland Mayor candidate Sarah Lannarone speaks out regarding demonstrations
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Story by Oregon Herald Staff
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Ted Wheeler has welcomed Donald Trump's Border Patrol into our city. They are using chemical weapons on peaceful demonstrators, in violation of a court order against the use of these weapons. Last night, we witnessed even more disgusting acts of violence against Portlanders in our streets. Officers seriously injured a Black Lives Matter demonstrator, Donavan Labella, causing face and skull fractures and requiring surgery. Police held down another person while they were having a seizure, which can be fatal. All of this was caught on video. I challenge anyone to watch these videos and contain their anger. Like any human being witnessing this violence, I am outraged. I, and the people of Portland, demand to know why Ted Wheeler is allowing Trump's Border Patrol to abuse people in our sanctuary city."


The Sarah Iannarone for Mayor campaign issued the following statement via Twitter this morning:


"Portland should be leading the nation in ending police violence and innovating nonviolent, supportive community solutions to public safety. Many local Black-led organizations and allies are calling for police abolition. We must listen to and learn from these calls. 

[ Link: ]


Black and brown Portlanders have for too long been targets of profiling and violence under the guise of "public safety." We must advance these communities' stated goals, and innovate a pathway to defund police violence and invest in and protect Black people. 


Defunding Police doesn't mean there's nobody who helps you when you call for help. It means investing in alternative types of help you may need. It also means disincentivizing racially-motivated police calls. 

[ Link: ]


Portland Police Bureau takes the vast majority of the City's public safety budget, and still many Portlanders - particularly Black and Brown Portlanders - do not feel safe and can't get help when they need it. 

[ link:'s%20budget%20has,last%20month%20at%20%24244.6%20million. ]


We have enough money to help everyone feel safe. But police waste it on teargassing and harassing innocent people, instead of on housing, education, mental health, and social services that lead to real public safety.

[link: ]


I am proud that before this recent uprising, my campaign was deeply engaged in a city-wide conversation about rethinking Public Safety. Since, we have only deepened our understanding of Police waste, and the investments we need to make instead. [ link: ]


I have stood with you in the streets against outside white nationalist agitators for years as they have attempted to turn our city into an ideological battleground. It was not Portland Police who came to the defense of our Sanctuary City and our BIPOC and LGBTQ neighbors.


It was community. 


I will bring this understanding and deep learning of this moment into City Hall as your mayor. We're not going to stop until we achieve public safety for all. If you are with us, get active with my campaign and let's show Wheeler and Trump whose city this is. [ link:  ]


To everyone who has contacted the campaign: thank you. I have learned so much from the Black organizers and activists leading on demilitarizing our society. I will be a Mayor who listens, and takes action to improve Black futures. #BlackLivesMatter "







Gregory McKelvey

Campaign Manager

email: [email protected]


PO Box 86212 Portland, OR 97206

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