October 24 2020
4:13 PM
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Protesters break windows, throw projectiles over fence at Justice Center
by Oregon Herald staff
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Protesters break windows, throw projectiles over fence at Justice Center
PORTLAND, Oregon - On Friday, June 19, a group of demonstrators gathered in Chapman Square on the west side of the Justice Center. At 9:40 p.m., the group began to march toward Revolution Hall. Halfway across the Morrison Bridge, a group of approximately 75 protesters decided to return to the Justice Center. The group gathered on the west side of the Justice Center, blocking traffic on SW 3rd Avenue.

Protesters began throwing projectiles at the building. Individuals used a slingshot to launch metal ball bearings in the direction of law enforcement personnel standing behind windows. The bearings shattered multiple windows and put deputies in danger. Individuals continued to shake the fence and throw projectiles, such as eggs, cans and bottles. This prompted a verbal warning from Portland Police, to not tamper with, climb or throw projectiles over the fence. The warning stated the crowd would be subject to arrest and force, to include crowd control munitions.

Following weeks of warnings, at least one protester decided to breach the fence surrounding the Justice Center. As deputies exited the building to contact the individual, deputies took a barrage of projectiles to include rocks the size of baseballs. Deputies deployed smoke and crowd control munitions to deter protesters from continuing to throw items. At 11:14 p.m., Portland Police declared the demonstration an unlawful assembly and ordered protesters to leave west and north.

The group eventually left and briefly marched around Downtown Portland before returning to the Justice Center. The group dispersed in small groups, and most left by 3 a.m. No CS gas was used by MCSO during this event.

MCSO deputies and PPB officers made several arrests, including two individuals responsible for shattering windows at the Justice Center. They have been identified as Jessica Janae Wieandt, 28, and Ariston Ronald Vallejos, 31. Each were charged with Criminal Mischief in the First Degree x1 and Reckless Endangering x10. Officers recovered metal bearings, a long-range slingshot, slingshot bands and a pick hammer from their possession. Attached are photos of these items.