April 23 2021
3:25 AM
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Portland Police chief quits in regard to George Floyd unrest
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Story by by Oregon Herald staff
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Portland's chief Jami Resch, who was barely six months into her job as chief, said she has asked Charlie Lovell, an African-American lieutenant, to serve as the next chief of police.

"He's the exact right person at the exact right moment.," she said at a news conference.

"To say this was unexpected would be an understatement," Lovell said of Resch's resignation. "I told Chief Resch I would do everything in my power to help her during these challenging times."

Lovell also praised Resch's leadership as selfless, saying, "I don't know if I've worked directly for anyone who cares more for the people in our organizations or the people in the community."

"I'm humbled. I'm a public servant. I'm going to show up every day with a servant's heart," Lovell said. "All I can do is be me. I'm looking forward to this journey."