April 23 2021
10:16 AM
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Five arrested at Fairview drug home
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Story by by Oregon Herald staff
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PORTLAND, Oregon - On March 10th, the East Metro Special Weapons and Tactical team served an early morning search warrant at a Fairview home known for drug activity and other crimes. Tactical officers surrounded the residence in the 900 Block of NE Pacific Drive and made verbal warnings over loud-hailing devices prior to entering. Fourteen people were located inside the home.

Five individuals were arrested. The following are their names and charges:

  1. Kenneth Baker (42 years old) – felony warrant arrest
  2. Megan Holliday (23 years old) – warrant arrest
  3. Heather Shropshire (37 years old) – warrant arrest
  4. Nathaniel Entriken (34 years old) – warrant arrest
  5. Zachary Bender (25 years old) – warrant arrest

Nine other people were later released from the scene.

Detectives are conducting an investigating at the location for crimes relating to narcotics and identity theft. Additional charges may be filed, depending on the results of the investigation. Attached are their mugshots and a photo of a SWAT vehicle in front of the home. Sheriff Mike Reese, Law Enforcement Chief Deputy Nicole Morrisey O'Donnell and Special Investigations Unit Captain James Eriksen, who's also Fairview's Chief of Police, were on scene during this morning's search warrant.

"This is the result of teamwork between neighbors, the City and law enforcement," Sheriff Reese said. "We will continue our enforcement efforts and neighborhood outreach until this problem location is resolved."