April 22 2021
1:48 PM
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Suspect Arrested after Robbing Doughnut Shop With Hatchet
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Story by by Maggie Elliot - The Oregon Herald
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PORTLAND, Oregon - 40-year-old Christopher L. James was arrested with a hatchet after robbing a doughnut shop in Downtown Portland.

Early morning Saturday, Portland police were called to a reported disturbance involving an axe at a doughnut shop on Southwest 3rd Avenue. As officers were responding, they got updated information that the suspect was leaving on foot. Officers began looking for the suspect and located him about a block away eating a doughnut and holding a pink box from the doughnut shop. He ran away but was captured and arrested after about 2 blocks.

No one was injured. A hatchet was recovered from the doughnut shop.

Robbery detectives responded and interviewed the suspect. (photo), was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on a charge of Robbery in the First Degree.