April 23 2021
10:42 AM
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Second Alarm Apartment Fire at SE Foster Rd.
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Story by by Oregon Herald staff
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Last night at at 7:19 PM Portland Firefighters were called to an apartment on the 13000 block of SE Foster Rd. When they arrived firefighters found a second floor apartment burning with flames rapidly moving the the third floor apartment above. The location of the burning apartment within the complex forced fire crews to move hoselines by hand over long distances and by the time they were able to get water on the fire it had spread into the attic.

Fires in large apartment complexes can be difficult to control because a number of tasks have to be accomplished very quickly. In this case firefighters had to search 6 units for occupants, extinguish the fire, cut holes to ventillate deadly fire gases, turn off power to the building and evacuate neighboring buildings. Due to these factors, fire commanders called for a second alarm at 7:26 PM bringing additional resources to the scene.

All residents excaped safely and no injuries were reported. Firefighters rescued one dog who is doing well. Residents were provided temporary warm refuge in a bus, however 4-5 apartments had damage that will likely require residents to be displaced for a longer period of time. The Red Cross will be assisting these residents as needed with finding shelter.

Investigators are on scene working to determine the cause of this fire. Portland Fire crews were assisted by Gresham and Clackamas Fire Departments.

Portland Fire & Rescue reminds you to create and practice a fire escape plan. Know several ways to escape your home and have a safe meeting place. A fire can double in size every 30 seconds so make every second count. If a building is on fire get out and stay out.