December 1 2020
7:19 PM
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Samuel Adams' new beer is too strong to be legal in Oregon
by KATU News - Story Source
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Samuel Adams’ new Halloween beer is so scary strong – it’s illegal in 15 states, including Oregon.

That’s because the beer, called “Utopias,” has a frighteningly high alcohol content of 28 percent per bottle.

To put that into perspective, a regular Samuel Adams lager has an alcohol content of just 5 percent.

The price tag on a bottle of “Utopias” might also chill your spine. Suggested retail is $210.

According to Forbes, this is Samuel Adams’ 11th batch of the Utopias line, which they’ve been offering in limited releases since 2002.

“Utopias” is available to purchase in Washington.

It is illegal in the following 15 states:

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