May 10 2021
12:36 PM
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Story by Oregon Herald editor
Published on Friday July 12, 2019 - 12:11 AM

Does Vietnam Airlines hate Americans? It seems only one person in their entire organization has a heart or the desire to actually help someone. But even she seems to be ignored by her own company, Vietnam Airlines. Is Vietnam Airlines inept, a cold and unfriendly carrier?

The war is over. USA lost. Stop punishing innocent Americans or other foreigners who only wish to help people in Vietnam as is this man, an American doctor stranded in the mountains in The Philippines trying to get home, to VIETNAM!

Singapore Air helped the good doctor with his beloved cat for permission to get onboard to Ho Chi Minh City. So, it seems only Vietnam Airlines have refused to help him provide the standard information they demand to accept his shy American cat on their aircraft. The doctor has made complete and total payment online, everything so far they have asked, but he needs approval to get his pet onboard.

The problem is that the doctor cannot make telephone calls from his current remote mountain village in The Philippines, where he practices for only a few pesos. He can only communicate via email and online. The phone system in the mountain town is not working. And Vietnam Airlines has so far refused to offer email where they can communicate. It seems Vietnam Airlines believes his email is SPAM, which is ridiculous. I personally examined his many emails to Vietnam Airlines and there is nothing unusual about them, except they are well composed, with lots of information and many attached ticket files and documentation for them to examine and approve.

If only they had the mind and hearts to do so!

Yes, Vietnam Airlines has repeatedly rejected all his carefully composed email messages asking for help and direction. All this to simply return to the country where he lives and his practice with poor people.

What is this world coming to when good people have to suffer because of lame, inept, or heartless bureaucrats? The Vietnamese people pride themselves as HONORABLE. Let's see if that is true in the next few days as this story reaches around outward. We sincerely hope there is a good conclusion and that in the future, people like the good doctor who wishes to remain anonymous, who wish to use Vietnam Airlines will not be required to suffer needlessly because of poor planning and people who do not seem to care. Except for one good Vietnamese woman.

Let's now see what Vietnam Airlines will do for this man and his cat, or will we see what still lurks in the minds of the honorable Vietnamese people? The Oregon Herald will wait for a while for a friendly conclusion before sending this story to The Associated Press and Reuters New Service.

We'll let you know how this turns out.