April 22 2021
9:49 PM
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Report of Man Armed With Gun Near Parkrose High School
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Members of the Portland Police Gun Violence Reduction Team (GVRT) are working with the FBI and Parkrose School District officials to investigate the incident that occurred today at Parkrose High School.

The subject involved is in custody and is an adult male. He is a student at Parkrose High School. The names of any witnesses or other persons involved will not be released.

Investigators have determined that the subject was armed with a shotgun. He then entered a classroom; at some point, a staff member at the high school confronted him. A Portland Police School Resource Officer and other officers arrived and immediately entered the school and found the staff member detaining the subject in the hallway. At this time, it has not been determined if any shots were fired.

Other responders included: members of the Portland Police Special Emergency Reaction Team; Portland Police Behavioral Health Unit; GVRT; Transit Police Division; FBI; and Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. Police continued to clear the entire high school and found no additional suspects or anyone who was injured.

"Incidents such as the one that occurred today strikes the worst fear in the hearts of students and parents," said Chief Danielle Outlaw. "The officers and school staff worked together to respond quickly and ensure the safety of all involved. I commend the school staff member who displayed quick actions and bravery when he confronted the subject."

Portland Police released information during the incident on Twitter as it unfolded in an effort to inform the community as quickly as possible; when misinformation was identified, it was immediately corrected.

The investigation into this incident continues.



On May 17, 2019, at 11:48 a.m., Officers responded to a call regarding a man armed with a gun near Parkrose High School, located at 12003 NE Shaver. Officers arrived and determined that a Parkrose High School staff member had wrestled the suspect to the ground. There is no indication there is any other shooter or any injuries. Police have not yet determined if any rounds were fired.

Portland Police officers continued to respond and the Special Emergency Reaction Team was activated. Officers and SERT are searching the school and area and the investigation is continuing.

Police are advising parents to reunite with their children at the K-Mart at Northeast 122nd and Sandy.

The Public Information Officer responded and will meet with the media at the designated staging area at Parkrose Middle School.

Additional information will be released when police have updates.