April 23 2021
10:14 PM
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Three armed masked men rob Stanford's restaurant
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Story by by Oregon Herald staff
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On March 24th, 2019 at about 0420 hours, the cleaning crew at Stanfords restaurant reported being robbed at gun point. One of the cleaning crew employee was getting something from her car when an armed man came out of the bushes wearing a mask and gloves.

He was joined by two other masked men. They ordered the employee back inside at gunpoint and gathered the other two workers. They forced the three employees into a room and secured them inside. After the armed men removed the safe from the office, along with other items, the suspects left the building.

The employees were able to free themselves and call 911. There were no reported injuries during the robbery. The suspects were all males being in their 30's and at least one is believed to be caucasian. The three suspects are still outstanding. The Lake Oswego Police is asking anyone with any information to please call 503-635-0238.