April 18 2021
8:13 AM
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Governor Brown Supports Tighter Drunk-Driving Laws
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Story by by Lloyd Gufferson - The Oregon Herald
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SALEM, Oregon - Governor Kate Brown has endorsed proposed laws to lower Oregon's drunk-driving limit. Brown said she believes society will soon limit driving after consuming any amount of alcohol.

Brown she would help Senate President Peter Courtney pass legislation to lower the current .08 percent blood-alcohol limit to .05 percent.

Utah is now the first state in the US to impose such a lower limit.

"I think it makes sense for Oregon to take a leadership role on this issue," said Brown, adding, "we have really seen a culture change" in society becoming increasingly intolerant of drunk driving.

"My experience is somewhat limited in this arena," Brown said, "but the dinner party I was at New Year's Eve, everybody who was driving was a designated driver and not drinking."

People consume alcohol differently, but the lower limit would generally cut by one drink the amount a person could consume compared to current law.

Under the new limit, an average 160-pound man could have no more than two drinks in an hour while a 120-pound woman could have no more than one drink in that period.