October 21 2021
11:33 AM
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Published on Friday October 21, 2011 - 11:31 AM
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TALENT, Oregon - The police chief in the southern Oregon town of Talent says a young woman's quick cell phone call may have saved her when she was attacked near a park. Chief Mike Moran says the 18-year-old woman had her cell phone in her hand as she walked back from meeting a friend on Oct. 13. When a man suddenly appeared and grabbed her by the neck, she managed to hit a speed-dial button that connected her with the friend. Then the phone was knocked from her hand. The chief says apparently the friend's voice on the other end of the line scared the attacker, who ran off. Officer Bill May responded, got a description and arrested a man matching that description at a nearby gas station. Stephen Shinske of Talent was indicted Wednesday by a Jackson County grand jury on charges of second-degree kidnapping, strangulation, fourth-degree assault and harassment.