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Story by Sandy Kromeir - The Oregon Herald Oregon Hera
Published on Monday March 29, 2010 - 11:36 AM
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Calling the police shooting of an unarmed man in Portland an "execution, the Rev. Jesse Jackson addresses the latest shooting in which a man was killed by a Portland police officer. Jackson plans to attend five events Monday, beginning with a school assembly at the Self Enhancement Inc., Charter School in north Portland. He'll also speak with Legacy Emanuel Hospital staff and meet with the Albina Ministerial Alliance. In February, Jackson visited Portland after a Portland police officer shot and killed Aaron Campbell. The shooting happened during a confrontation at a northeast Portland apartment complex and Campbell was unarmed.

A week ago, a Portland police officer shot and killed Jack Collins, a homeless man who police said was covered in blood and repeatedly refused to drop a knife as he approached an officer. The shooting occurred at Hoyt Arboretum. "We've just become much too violent and we must go another way," Jackson said in a statement. "This rash of police shootings is marring the image of the city and jeopardizing so many people."

A grand jury has cleared Officer Frashour, who has a prior record of excessive use of force, of criminal wrongdoing. In a remarkable letter to the DA, however, the grand jury wrote:

We know something went terribly, terribly wrong at Sandy Terrace and that Aaron Campbell should not have died that day. He was not accused of a crime. The police were called to do a “welfare check” because Mr. Campbell was distraught over his brother’s death and family members were worried about him. We feel that his death resulted from flawed police policies, incomplete or inappropriate training, incomplete communication, and other issues with the police effort. We feel strongly that something must be done to correct this, and the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) should be held responsible for this tragedy. However, the charter of the grand jury does not include indicting or censuring the Portland Police Bureau.