June 17 2021
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Story by Ralph Metcalf - The Oregon Herald
Published on Friday March 26, 2010 - 12:37 PM
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Three people were able to escape by jumping off a boat that explodedthen caught on fire on the Columbia River.Portland Fire personnel responded to a report of a boat fire near NE 35th Ave. and Marine Drive in Portland. The trio apparently jumped from the boat at the time fire personnel arrived. Fire crews pulled the three injured people from the boat before transporting them to local hospitals.

Multnomah County Information Officer Mary Lindstrom said the three people had just put gas in the boat and were leaving the dock when the boat exploded, which caused damage to Donaldson Marina. Two of the people who were injured are in critical condition. The third person is in fair condition.

The boat capsized and was completely demolished with an estimated damage of more than $32,000.00.