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Tuesday February 1, 2011
Boyfriend Charged In Death Of 2-Year-Old
ROSEBURG, Oregon - 50-year-old Mark Allen Vanderhoof of Roseburg was arraigned yesterday on a murder charge in the death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son. Vanderhoof is charged with striking and killing 2-year-old Dennis Young on Jan. 25. He previously told police the boy fell from his porch, but authorities became suspicious of those injuries. Vanderhoof had been at her boyfriend home for ...
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Tuesday February 1, 2011
Salem police looking for Chase Bank robber
SALEM, Oregon - Salem police are investigating the robbery of Chase Bank branch on Center Street in Salem, Oregon yesterday. The robbery suspect shot at a man who was who attempted to capture the suspect after he pulled a gun and held up the bank. Bank clerk Court Boice yelled at the robber, who fled into an alley near a theater. He "went around the block, I thought I lost him," said Boice. ...
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Monday January 31, 2011
12-year-old Oregon City Boy shot in head with shotgun
OREGON CITY, Oregon - A 13-year-old boy thought the shotgun was unloaded. Police say he was attempting to scare is friend when he accidentally shot him in the head. When officers arrived early evening at Clairmont Way yesterday, they discovered a 12-year-old victim with the gunshot wound to the head. Paramedics rushed the boy to OHSU via a LifeFlight helicopter. This last weekend, police say ...
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Saturday January 29, 2011
Mislabeled Keebler cookies recalled
PORTLAND, Oregon – No illnesses have been reported but mislabeled Keebler cookies have been recalled. Cartons labeled "Fudge Shoppe Jumbo Fudge Sticks" and sold at convenience stores were the focus of the recall. They contain jumbo "Peanut Butter" sticks instead. Consumers could have a serious reaction if allergic to peanut. Symptoms include anaphylactic shock, hives, and digestive problem ...
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Sunday January 30, 2011
Salem boy calls 911, saves dads life
Three year old A.J Hayes was eating from his Frosted Wheats bowl yesterday at the kitchen table when his dad, Aaron Hayes cut himself with a woodworking chisel. he was involved with homework from his first woodcarving class. A.J watched as the chisel severed his father's artery, the blade cutting through the wood, the artery and into his father's wrist. His dad told his son to call 911 as they ...
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Saturday January 29, 2011
Pro-Egyption rally in Portland Pioneer Square
A Pro-Egyption rally is meeting in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square early this afternoon. A rally website states the time to meet is 2 p.m. and to continue through 5 p.m. The world's attention fell on central Cairo where the Army was deployed to replace police forces that clashed brutally with demonstrators. But with many Cairo neighborhoods left without any security, Egyptians began to fee ...
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Friday January 28, 2011
Woman dies after being hit by Max train
A 76-year old woman who was hit by a MAX train last night died at the hospital early this morning. Apparently at around 9:30 pm, her cane was caught by the train as it was arriving into the station at the Northwest 6th and Dave station, pulling her down to the tracks. It took rescuers nearly an hour to rescue her. She was taken to the hospital where she appeared to have only suffered minor inju ...
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Thursday January 27, 2011
Salem SWAT team joins David Anthony Durham search
Police were searching a waterfront neighborhood along the Oregon Coast today for the owner of a truck suspected of shooting a police officer who pulled him over for speeding Sunday night. David Anthony Durham, 43, of Portland was under investigation in connection with the Sunday night shooting of Lincoln City police Officer Steven Dodds, who remained in critical condition, Newport police Chief ...
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Thursday January 27, 2011
Wounded Lincoln City Officer expected to live
PORTLAND, Ore. – The search for the Portland man accused of shooting a police officer before fleeing into the woods moved past its fifth day Thursday, while the victim's daughter says her dad is steadily improving. Lincoln City Officer Steven Dodds has been hospitalized at Portland's Legacy Emanuel Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds since Sunday's shooting. Megan Dodds said Thursday her f ...
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Wednesday January 26, 2011
Father of three children killed by hit-and-run driver
SALEM, Oregon - 37-year old Morales Singer, father of three children was killed when a car ran him over in northeast Salem last night. Singer was struck sometimes around 11:30 p.m. on 47th Avenue in Salem. Deputies found him lying in the road near Edwin Court NE. Medics arrived and pronounced him dead from the injuries suffered in hit and run. The night was foggy, hard to see at the time o ...
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Wednesday January 26, 2011
Mom killed during daughter's slumber party - Did judge let her down?
33-year-old Georgia Gunzer from Tacoma pleaded with authorities to help her, for a protection order against Alphonso Bell, the father of her daughter. Pierce County Commissioner Mark Gelman denied her request for help, stating it did not meet the statute. Georgia Gunzer was stabbed to death Saturday morning in her apartment. Her daughter was at the home, along with friends for a sleep over. ...
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Tuesday January 25, 2011
Newberg man moonlighting for The American Dream
Moonlighting used to indicate your boss had no clue what you were doing after work. But for others these days, it’s just a way of achieving The American Dream. Moonlighting trends are linked to a growing separation among the rich and poor, as well as a general sense that family are working more for less. The American Dream, a mostly elusive and certainly overused phrase, can mean a land in whic ...
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Tuesday January 25, 2011
State police search Alsea Bay area for shooter
WALDPORT, Oregon - Police combed the forested peninsula around Alsea Bay for a man suspected of shooting and critically injuring an officer, leading a gunfire-filled chase and then disappearing into the woods. Searchers are focused on a peninsula that juts into Alsea Bay and stretches about a mile at its widest point. They're looking for a man believed to be Anthony Durham, 43, of Portland, who ...
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Tuesday January 25, 2011
Man accused of contacting young girls online
MEDFORD β€” An Oregon man has been charged with encouraging child sexual abuse and online sexual corruption. A Jackson County grand jury indictment heard arguments that 21-year-old Zachariah Pergish Griffin encouraged children in sexual activities online. The Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force was told in Jube by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that a man had bee ...
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Tuesday January 25, 2011
Hazelynn Stomps gets life for killing husband
PORTLAND, Oregon - Hazelynn Stomps has been pronounced guilty of killing her 60-year old husband Gerald Stomps then burning his corpse. She was sentenced to life in the Multnomah County Courthouse on Tuesday. Gerald Stomps was last seen February 6, 2009. Detectives found evidence at the Stomps' home that implicated Hazelynn Stomps in her husband's death. She was ordered to pay $14,000 in restit ...
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Monday January 24, 2011
Beaverton To Begin Ticketing Drivers Who Turn Right On Red
Next month, Beaverton will begin a program to ticket drivers who do not come to a complete stop when they turn right on red. It'll cost them $382. Other cities in Oregon are getting the technology or already have it. All police will need is a photo of the car in the intersection when the light is red. The problem for police previously has been that a picture of a car turning right on red ...
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Monday January 24, 2011
Police find missing Woodburn woman
WOODBURN, Oregon - Woodburn police have found a woman who has been missing for eight days. Neighbors and relatives were concern because 37-year-old Manuela De La Rosa is partially paralyzed on her right side and has difficulty talking. A police officer spotted the woman walking along Hwy 99E north of Young Street Friday afternoon. She was she was reported missing from her residence on Luba S ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011
Two children killed in Mt. Angel crash, father hurt
Nine-year-old Devin Hunt and his 12-year-old brother Dawson Hunt died in a car crash rural intersection east of Mount Angel. The Marion County Sheriff's Office said the accident occurred shortly after 11 a.m The 1993 Saturn carrying the boys was driven by their father, 35-year-old father, Lenny Hunt, who was also injured. The boys were pronounced dead at the scene. The father was taken t ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011
2 college students killed, 1 injured in fatal car crash near Willamette Pass
OAKRIDGE, Oregon - Two University of Oregon students were killed and one injured during a car crash near Willamette Pass yesterday. Their car apparently lost control and hit a tree. A third man in the car has non-life threatening injuries. 21 year old Nicholas John Ries from Portland was driving the early model BMW around 7 pm Saturday. They were traveling east on foggy Highway 58. ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011
Elvis lives, cat dies, woman injured in Lake Oswego fire
LAKE OSWEGO, Oregon - Around 6:30 Friday evening, January 21, a woman called 911 to report a fire with flames shooting from the front of her Lake Oswego house. Firefighters extinguished the fire but the woman's cat died and another cat is missing. The homeowner's hands, face, and arms were burned in the fire that damaged her home. She was taken to a local hospital. A small dog named Elvis, owne ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011
Car teeters on median after I-5 crash
VANCOUVER, Washington - Earlier today (Saturday) a single car traveling northbound on I5 crashed into the highway median. The accident left the driver teetering and traffic was backed up for miles. The exact cause of the accident was not readily known or available. ...
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Saturday January 22, 2011
Thieves break into school's safe
BATTLE GROUND, Wash. -- Clark County Sheriffs say Pleasant Valley Mid and Primary Schools were broken into Friday morning around 2 and about 3 in the morning in Camas, thieves broke into Skyridge Middle School on Northwest Parker Street. The thieves in the main office attempted to open a safe but went to the media center where they sorted a pile of flat-screen computers and monitors they inten ...
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Saturday January 22, 2011
Boy hit with golf ball sues golf course
Alex Good from Hillsboro is suing the Liberty High Golf Club for alleged negligence. It all began in April of 2010 at the Liberty High Golf Club as Alex was practicing on the golf range with his teammates when his own golf ball ricocheted off a metal post, hitting his eye. He's now claiming damages of $3 million. Attorney Terrance Lee Hogan represented Alex in court and said the Liberty High Go ...
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Friday January 21, 2011
By Her Own Words, she had no right to be alive
MAPLE VALLEY, Washington - Tom Rider reported to police that his lovely 33-year-old wife, Tanya Rider had not returned home from the graveyard shift job she had recently started at a Fred Meyer supermarket in near Bellevue, Washington. He would later discover that on driving home from her job, she had run off the road, through a ditch, down a ravine, trapping her inside her car for eight long days ...
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Thursday January 20, 2011
Yamhill County commissioner Leslie Lewis cleared by justice department
The Oregon State Department Of Justice has decided not to file criminal charges against Yamhill County commissioner Leslie Lewis. She was accused of violated Oregon law by videotaping county commissioner endorsement interviews conducted by Newberg's Chehalem Chamber of Commerce. The Department apparently could not prove Lewis intended to secretly videotape the meetings of fellow commissioner Ma ...
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Thursday January 20, 2011
Albany Man Dies In Logging Accident
SHERIDAN, Oregon - A man from Albany died when the logging shovel he was operating near Sheridan on Weyerhaeuser property tipped over into Mill Creek. Early yesterday morning, 44-year-old Dan Fults was trying to cross a wooden bridge when the loggin shovel he was opperating tipped over drowning or crushing him. The Logging Shovel uses a log loader to swing logs to the road. The shovel is own ...
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Thursday January 20, 2011
Paris cabbie returns lost bag to Oregon couple
PENDLETON, Ore. (AP) - One act of kindness can travel across an entire ocean and warm the hearts of strangers. A little black bag lost in a Paris taxicab and its six-week journey to its owner in Pendleton illustrates the strength of one honest man and a single good deed. Richard and Marilyn Smiley traveled to France in late November. On their first morning in Paris, the Pendleton couple walked ...
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Thursday January 20, 2011
Truck Kills Man Walking On I-84
HOOD RIVER, Oregon - A commercial truck on Interstate 84 near Hood River hit and killed a male pedestrian. State police say the truck pulling a semitrailer was headed east on I-84 when the crash happened at about 1:20 a.m. this morning. The A 48-year-old man, whose name has not yet been released, was attempting to cross from the south to the north side of the freeway when he was hit. The man ...
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Wednesday January 19, 2011
Flood waters in Welches wash away homes
Three homes were washed away in the Lolo Pass Road area near Welches, Oregon. More than 150 residents were homeless or temporarily without electric power. Crews opened a portion of the road on Monday but the flood left tons of debris and descrution everywhere around the river. A large portion of the Lolo Pass Road was totally washed out. "This is the first time we have ever seen flooding lik ...
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Wednesday January 19, 2011
US Bank in Sandy robbed. Again
The US Bank at 38561 Proctor Blvd had been robbed before, back in July last year. This time the robber wore a dark mask covering his nose and mouth and had a silver semi-automatic gun in his hand. It was no surprise that the holdup man also wanted some money this time. No shots were fired, and no one was hurt in the incident that was reported to Sandy Police Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 3:04 p.m. Aft ...
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