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Friday December 3, 2010
92-year-old man robbed in Milwaukie
MILWAUKIE, Oregon -- Milwaukie police are looking for two pickpocket thieves who stole $150 from a 92-year-old man on Thursday.

Stanley George had just about completed his shopping at the Safeway store located at 4320 SE King Road, about 3:30 p.m. when a man stepped in front of his cart, when one suspect blocked his path and the other suspect approached him from behind and took his wallet, ...
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Friday December 3, 2010
Woman driver crashses into Sherriff's patrol car
SALEM, Oregon - A Keizer woman was cited for failing to drive in a single lane after she smashed into the rear end of a Marion County sheriff's patrol car on the shoulder of Interstate 5 near Salem.

Oregon State Police say both drivers were wearing seat belts Wednesday and there were no serious injuries.

The deputy was parked with his emergency lights on following a traffic stop. The ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010
Police arrest West Linn student who was like a 'candy store of drugs'
WEST LINN, Oregon -- A West Linn High School student was arrested on drug charges after an officer found 'a candy store of drugs' in the boy's possession.

West Linn Police School Resource Officer Mike Francis arrested Garret Taylor Smith, 18, Dec. 1 on charges of possession of Psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school.

Francis received information from a staff ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010
Oregon City parents found guilty of neglecting sick son
OREGON CITY, Oregon – Jeff and Marci Beagley said they did everything they could for their 16-year-old son before he died. However, a jury decided that simply anointing oils and praying for their son to recover was not enough. This was especially tough coming a few months after the death of their granddaughter. The 15-month-old girl passed away March 2008 of pneumonia and a blood infection. Like N ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010
Most sea lions gone from Oregon coast
FLORENCE, Oregon. – The thousands of sea lions that arrived last winter near Florence seem to have largely moved on.

Dead sea lions were found near the world famous "Sea Lion Caves" still featured the usual group of 1,000 or so sea lions sitting on rocks as great waves of the Pacific Ocean created a storm of applause. The location is just an hour's drive west of Eugene.

According to ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010
Former Playboy bunny convicted of murder dies in Milwaulkee, Oregon
MILWAUKEE – The prison escape of former Playboy Club bunny and Milwaukee police officer Laurie Bambi Bembenek popularized the phrase 'Run Bambi Run' and seemed tailor-made for the TV movie it inspired.

But despite the fame garnered by her flight, Bembenek died having spent more than two decades insisting on her innocence but never fully clearing her name. Her attorney said Sunday that effor ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010
Corvallis residents show support for Oregon mosque after fire
CORVALLIS, OREGON – Steady rain Tuesday didn't discourage people from attending a candlelight vigil in support of an Islamic center targeted by an apparent hate crime after a teen who occasionally worshipped there was accused of planning mass killings in Portland.

Hundreds of residents of this small college town came out for the vigil at the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center.

Elizabeth ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010
Pioneer Square terror suspect pleads not guilty
PORTLAND, Oregon – Mohamed Osman Mohamud entered a plea of Not-Guilty Monday in federal court here in Portland.

The indictment charged him with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. He was arrested Friday evening near the crowded Pioneer Courthouse Square, after a months-long FBI sting operation.

Dozens of people — many of them women wearing head scarves — arrived at the fed ...
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Wednesday December 1, 2010
Allens 3 helps Celtics hold off Blazers charge
BOSTON – Ray Allen missed his first five 3-point attempts before hitting one with 10.7 seconds left to help the Boston Celtics hold off a late charge by the Portland Trail Blazers and win 99-95 on Wednesday night.

It was Boston's fifth straight victory, and the fifth straight loss for Portland.

Paul Pierce scored 28 points, Kevin Garnett had 17 points and eight rebounds, and Rajon Ro ...
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Saturday November 27, 2010
Travel trailer overturns, closes I-5 lanes
SALEM, Oregon - I5 North was closed near Salem for a couple hoursearly this morning when a travel trailer overturned, blocking both lanes. 

No one was injured and the inccident is under investigation by Oregon State Police troopers.

State Trooper Anthony Pagano said that around 12:30 this mornming a Ford F250 pickup driven by a woman from Portland was northbound on Interstate 5 when ...
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Thursday November 25, 2010
Copycat acid-burn victim recovering from second degree burns
PORTLAND, Oregon - The Vancouver woman who was attacked with acid last September was again released from the hospital after having improved on Saturday.

A second woman, beautiful Derri Velarde, was attacked this week in the same way.

"It immediately started to just burn," says the new U.S. acid-attack victim, this one from Mesa, Arizona.

Velarde now has second degree burns on ...
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Saturday November 20, 2010
Pilot who survived crashing small plane into Aurora home recovering
AURORA, Oregon - 70 Year old pilot George Bahrman is still in poor condition after he crashed his small plane into a home on Cessna Street near the Aurora Airport.

The aircraft was a Aeronca Champ 7-AE, single-engine light plane. The small town of Aurora, Oregon located about 25 miles south of Portland.

A woman in the home was not hurt. The pilot, George Bahrman was taken to OHSU wit ...
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Monday November 15, 2010
Drunk father who ran over son with car, gets prison time
An Oregon man has been sentenced to nearly two years in prison after he accidentally smothered his infant son by rolling on top of him while drunk and asleep.

A judge called it a tragic situation during a sentencing hearing last week for 29-year-old Cameron Michael Rogers of Astoria.

His girlfriend, the mother of the couple's month-and-a-half-old son Calvin, was in jail for assaultin ...
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Wednesday November 3, 2010
Police arrest man in a murder made to look like suicide
HILLSBORO, Oregon - Joshua David Nicholas, who was scheduled to be released from prison was instead was arrested by police and charged with the murder of Lori Fitzgerald, 47, who lived in the 2700 block of Sycamore Court in Forest Grove.

Neighbors remembered Lori Fitzgerald as a "nice person" whose murder was shocking. She was a mother of two who was found dead on the 2700 block of Sycamore ...
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Thursday October 21, 2010
Young Woman, Man, Found Dead In Tigard Murder-Suicide, Baby Girl Not Hurt
TIGARD, Oregon - A young woman and man in their 20s were found dead at a Tigard apartment complex. A two-year-old girl was sleeping inside and was not hurt.

Neighbors at the Arbor Heights Apartments called police just after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday after hearing screaming, and then four to five gunshots. Witnesses say the couple was arguing before shots were fired.

Police found the two bodi ...
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Thursday October 14, 2010
Seattle Police kill Man Whittling A Piece Of Wood
A man was sitting with a stick and was using a knife to whittle it into some form or other. This was in downtown Seattle yesterday, Monday afternoon,on the northwest corner of Boren and Howell just before 4:30 p.m.

An unidentified police officer was on patrol when he spotted a man sitting on the sidewalk, whittling a stick. The police officer then approached the man.

The officer t ...
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Sunday October 3, 2010
Fire Blows Manhole Cover
EUGENE, Oregon - "It sounded like an explosion, like a bomb", said Bill Donlon. "The concussion could be felt". Donlon was nearby in downtown Eugene when the fire in the underground utility space shot the manhole cover far into the area in early Sunday afernoon.

When police and firefighters arrived, they blocked off streets.

It's not yet certain what caused the outage yesterday but i ...
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Tuesday September 28, 2010
Dale Evers cleared on all aex abuse charges with teen girls
Banks, Oregon - A former volunteer firefighter has been cleared of all sexual abuse charges, including inappropriately touching high school girls. The charges against Dale Evers, of Banks, were either returned not guilty or dismissed in Washington County court on Friday.

Evers was found guilty of a less serious charge of furnishing alcohol to a minor. And yet another case involving Evers en ...
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Wednesday September 1, 2010
Hit and Run woman driver turns turns herself into police
PORTLAND, Oregon -A female driver who stuck a teenage boy has turned herself in to police to say she was the driver of a pickup truck that struck and killed an 18-year-oldCassidy Ringwald, an Oregon resident, while he was walking along a street with his sister.

Washington County sheriff's deputies said the woman has not been charged but the deathremains under investigation.

Ringwald' ...
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Monday August 23, 2010
Police looking for blindfolded kidnapped teenage girl
Beaverton police are asking for help in piecing together what appears to be a possible kidnapping of a teenage girl yesterday afternoon from the LaSalle Apartments.

A witness reported that yesterday that a white teenage girl, 13 to 15 years old, was seen blindfolded and possibly bound in some mannerand and led away by a bald, clean-shaven Caucasian man in his mid-30s.

At about 2:20 ...
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Saturday August 21, 2010
Teens and children injured when two vehicles collide in Canby
CANBY, Oregon - 3 people were seriously injured and 10 others hurt when two vehicles collided last night because one of them did not stop at a stop sign.

A van and an SUV collided just before 8 p.m. at the intersection of South Central Point Road and South New Era Road.

There were two adults and six children in the Van, and the SUV had five teenagers. According to firefighters, one o ...
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Friday August 20, 2010
Man attempted to fake his own death
SALEM -- The photo in this story is of a Salem man believed to have attempted to fake his own death to beat a court case. Police unsuccessfully attempted to locate him over the weekend.

Last Friday, Salem police obtained an arrest warrant for 42 year old Michael Rosen of 181 North Street and charged him with counterfeiting and forgery, Rosen allegedly posed as his brother in Salem District ...
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Thursday August 19, 2010
Police Investigate Bomp Threat At US Bank
ALOHA, Oregon - Police are investigating a bomb threat Thursday evening that was called into the US Bank next to Papa Johns on Southwest TV Highway, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. No injuries have been reported.

The Portland Bomb Squad was on the scene late Thursday to search the parking lot, said David Thompson, spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

T ...
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Wednesday August 18, 2010
Death on the Washougal River
WASHOUGAL, Washington - Zachary Gallo fell27 to his deathoff the Naked Fallsbridge over the Washougal River early Monday morning, police said.

Gallo was from Citrus Heights, California andfell in the early hours Monday morning. A friend who was looking for him also fell from the same spot just moments later. The second person survived and was treated at the scene.

The bridge islocate ...
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Friday August 13, 2010
Lady Gaga setting up camp for concert in Portland
Lady Gaga will be arriving in Portland August 19. Tickets are still available.

Her Monster Ball Tour, which arrives Thursday at the Rose Garden, has been not only a commercial success but also largely a critical one.

And though there's plenty of room to argue about whether she's original or a Madonna knockoff, there's little denying that all the costume changes, all the ridiculous qu ...
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Wednesday August 11, 2010
Oregon Craigslist filled with spam, rude, nasty people, and crooks
PORTLAND, Oregon - Tens of thousands of people in Oregon use Craiglist on a daily basis, which is, on the average, higher than most of the rest of the country. Much of the services and people who use the service are decent law abiding citizens and most are friendly and courteous. However, there are some mean spirited and nasty people one finds difficult to avoid. Let's look at one particular cr ...
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Monday August 9, 2010
Dog rescues owner after heart surgery
YAMHILL, Oregon - Missy has always loved her owner and usually follows him wherever he goes. But this time she was able to rescue him and perhaps even save his life after he collapsed at home following major heart surgery.

Missy's friend, companion, and owner, Charlie Burdon was working in his back yard last week in Yamhill when 11-year-old dachshund Missy scampered up to neighbor Charles M ...
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Saturday August 7, 2010
River City Environmental Double Charging Customers
Have you ever been double-charged by a company? It happens all the time. Many businesses make this a standard practice then have a ready apology when you catch them at it. You pay one employee of the company then another bills you for the same service, usually mailed to you in the official looking form envelope. All too often the unsuspecting customer sends in another check. Or, as what happene ...
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Friday August 6, 2010
Man gets 5 year prison term for leaving mother in tub
Douglas Noah Marcks will spend the next five years in state prison because he left his sick 78 year old mother in a bathtub for 18 hours. Douglas Noah Marcks apparently didn't much care what happened to his mother because 48-year-old Marcks wanted to watch television. Multnomah County Circuit Judge Julie Frantz sentenced the son to five years for criminal mistreatment.

Marcks eventually ca ...
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Wednesday August 4, 2010
Roseburg man arrested for attempted murder
ROSEBURG, Oregon -- A 911 call reported gunshots filed the general area of Oswego and Fulton in Roseburg early Wednesday morning. Police responded and an investigation of attempted murder followed.

It all happened just after midnight. Roseburg police responded to the report of a gunshot, and an officer saw a vehicle speeding away from the area. He pulled the vehicle over, and discovered nei ...
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