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Thursday December 30, 2010
Rock slide near Oregon City closed Highway 99E
PORTLAND - A large landslide just south of Oregon City blocked both lanes of traffic on Highway 99E yesterday. Highway crews spent most of the day cleaning the debris off the road to clear traffic. ODOT encourages drivers to avoid the area. Southbound traffic will turn left at 2nd, right on South High Street, continue to South End Road and connect with Highway 99E. Trucks will not be allowed o ...
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Thursday December 30, 2010
Police investigate shooting near Gresham Transit Center
GRESHAM – A 26-year-old man was shot in the neck and taken to the hospital Wednesday. The shooting occured about three blocks from the Gresham Transit Center. The man was shot in the right sometime last night. When police arrived they found him holding his right hand on a neck wound. He reported to police that three Hispanic men ran away after shooting him. He is expected to survive. Gresham ...
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Wednesday December 29, 2010
Cape Mears lighthouse vandals ordered to pay $100K
CAPE MEARES - The two men who were found guilty of severely damaging the Cape Meares Lighthouse in January 2010 have now been ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution and serve several months in Tillamook County jail. David Wilks, Jr. and Zachary Pyle both pleaded guilty to criminal mischief after being arrested earlier this year for vandal acts viciously damaging the Cape Mears lighthouse built ...
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Sunday August 29, 2010
Suspect in I-5 chase rejects plea agreement
EVERETT — Theodore Ohms was accused of shooting at police during a chase on Interstate 5 has rejected a plea agreement which could have sent him to prison for 20 years. Prosecutors plan to file additional charges where Ohms could face 40 years in prison instead of 20 years. Ohms had been expected to plead guilty on Wednesday to four felony charges, including first-degree assault with a firea ...
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Tuesday December 28, 2010
Portland police shoot man with machete knife
PORTLAND - Just after 5pm yesterday, Portland police were called to the 3500 block of Southwest Dakota Street near Gabriel Park. Police dispatch received a 911 call from a woman who said her son had attacked her and her husband, the man's father, outside the home with a machete. She said her 34-year-old son Marcus Lagozzino had been suicidal in the past and indicated he might by trying to commi ...
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Tuesday December 28, 2010
TriMet driver to keep puppy he rescued from traffic in Forest Grove
FOREST GROVE, Oregon - A TriMet bus driver who stopped his bus to rescue a small puppy from traffic will get to keep the Chihuahua-dachshund mix puppy, according to a press release from the transit agency. A TriMet spokeswoman said, "He's thrilled to keep caring for the dog,". The bus driver wishes to remain anonymous for personal reasons. He says he was driving his bus in November when he s ...
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Monday December 27, 2010
Woman Arrested After Chase Through Troutdale
TROUTDALE, Oregon - A Portland woman was arrested for driving under the influence after leading Troutdale police on a chase down Interstate 84 toward Troutdale. Police responded to several calls just before midnight on Christmas reporting a reckless driver on I84. The callers said the car nearly missed hitting construction signs and several other cars. Officers turned on their emergency lights ...
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Monday December 27, 2010
Four women missing near Snoqualmie Pass
SNOQUALMIE PASS, Washington - The search continues for four women who were snowshoeing in the Gold Creek area on Snoqualmie Pass when they become lost Sunday afternoon. Kittitas County Undersheriff Clayton Myers said one of the women called 911 to report they had left the trail and were lost. A rescue team has been in cell phone contact and are working with the wireless phone provider to h ...
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Sunday December 26, 2010
Gentleman thief makes off with jewelry
GRESHAM, Oregon - Police are calling him the "gentleman jewelry thief", but he was no gentleman he allegedly used a mask and crawled through a window of a Gresham jewelry store and grabbed two bins of jewelry. Then on his way out he allegedly thanked three female employees and said, "It's OK, ladies." The man and the driver of an SUV pulled up outside the jewelry store at a Gresham mall on Thur ...
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Sunday December 26, 2010
Springfield police sued by mentally ill man
EUGENE, Oregon A Springfield man claims Springfield police have used excessive force when they arrested him on Dec. 29, 2008. He's asking the department and the Lane County Jail to revise its policies regarding mentally-ill suspects in custody. Mark A. Kemp claimes in the lawsuit that Springfield police officers used excessive force when he was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing ...
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Saturday December 25, 2010
Grandmother drove teen around to sell crack
SPOKANE, Washington - On Tuesday police arrested a 54-year-old grandmother and her 14-year-old grandson on charges of attempting to sell crack cocaine. After arresting the grandson, police found baggies of a substance in the boy's pocket that tested positive for crack cocaine. After Hilliard was arrested, she waived her right to remain silent and spoke to police. She admitted she was driving ...
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Saturday December 25, 2010
Historical Toledo building lost in fire
TOLEDO, Washington – An historical three story building was destroyed in an early morning fire which broke at 201 Ramsey Street. The historical building stretched a block long and held businesses. "We're pouring so much water we're concerned it's going to deplete our water sources for the city," a Toledo official said. There have been no reported injuries. Residents are urged to conse ...
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Friday December 24, 2010
Father kills son and self after acting paranoid
HARRISBRG, Oregon - A man who seemed irrational and had been making paranoid statements fatally stabbed his son and himself yesterday morning. The Linn County Sheriff's Office said father and son were alone in the home. Their bodies were found last night by the man's wife. Darwin D. Stout, 48, and Jared Stout, 13, both died of knife wounds. LaMae Stout, mother and wife, discovered the bod ...
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Thursday December 23, 2010
Illegal marijuana factory busted in Portland and Gresham
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office arrested four adults Tuesday night netting 300 mature growing marijuana plants and 100 pounds of processed marijuana. It was a large-scale marijuana growing operation. Four vehicles were seized, including an Acura MDX SUV, Porsche Cayenne SUV, and a BMV M3 and a Lexus 300.. Two children 4 and 8 years old were taken into protective custody. Deputies seized the p ...
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Thursday December 23, 2010
Teen boy Steals Cash-Filled Stocking
FOREST GROVE, Oregon - Mickey Johnson from Forest Grove was raising money for Leukemia using a stocking hung from a pole in the front yard. The idea was to have neighbors or anyone passing by to have their photo taken with "Santa" and leave donations. Yesterday evening a teen boy walked up to the stocking as though he was to leave a donation. Instead he quickly grabbed the stocking and took off ...
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Thursday December 23, 2010
Neglected dog will get new home for Christmas
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Buster the dog, a Rottweiler mix, has been rescued by the Oregon Humane Society Humane. OHS and Portland Police officers yesterday removed him from a home in Northeast Portland. Kent and Grace Adamson, were charged with animal neglect and voluntarily relinquished the dog to OHS, where it is now getting needed medical attention. The warrant was issued for the residence at 6356 ...
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Wednesday December 22, 2010
Police search for two men wanted in hatchet attack
VANCOUVER - Authorities in Clark County are searching two men for attempted murder charges in a hatchet attack on a man in Clark County. 28-year-old Matthew Michaelson and 35-year-old André Kennedy are wanted on charges of attempted murder. The victim told deputies the men were wearing dark clothing, gloves and masks and that they dragged him out of his home last December 14 and blunge ...
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Wednesday December 22, 2010
Death sentence for father and son in Woodburn bank bombing
SALEM, Oregon - Father and son bank robbers who killed two people when they left a homemade bomb at the West Coast Bank in Woodburn, have been convicted of planting the bomb that killed two police officers. They have both been sentenced to death. The jury deliberated for less than a day and found Bruce Turnidge and his son, Joshua Turnidge, guilty on all 18 counts, including aggravated murder, ...
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Tuesday December 21, 2010
Routine traffic stop turns into big drug bust
PORTLAND, Oregon - Portland police got very luck when a routine traffic stop netted thousands of dollars worth of heroin. Police recovered nine pounds of uncut heroin packaged in bricks worth a half million. The heroin was found packed in the bumper of a blue Kia minivan. Juan Casas was arrested and a home search turned up more than 4 pounds of heroin hidden in food containers of macaroni a ...
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Tuesday December 21, 2010
Senator Ron Wyden Recovering From Cancer Surgery
PORTLAND, Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is recovering from prostate cancer surgery. The early-stage cancer was discovered after a physical in November. His surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore said yesterday that "everything went perfect. The patient is recovering well." Wyden should be released today and is expected to recuperate at his home in Washington. He worked through the ...
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Tuesday December 21, 2010
Canby Ferry Closed Due To High Water
CANBY, Oregon - Because of excessive high water due to flooding on the Willamette River the Canby Ferry service has been shut down until further notice. The Canby Ferry makes its run across the river between 6:45 each morning and 9:15 each night, every day. Officials expected the service to eturn later this week when water levels fall. Travelers shoujld find a new way to travel between C ...
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Monday December 20, 2010
Thieves steal Christmas presents from sick girl
PORTLAND, Oregon – Britany Miller's and her mother Melinda came here from Alaska. Britany has leukemia and has been receiving treatments at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. They've been here since early November. Britany’s father is still in Alaska. Melinda had bought hundreds of dollars of Christmas presents for Britany but on Sunday, thieves stole the presents from the family’s SUV in the par ...
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Monday December 20, 2010
Female thief calls police for a ride to help her escape
Last Tuesday, 28-year old Zannish Schmeka Fraziera broke into a car and home in a West Linn neighborhood. It seems her loot was far too heavy to carry so she called the cops to help her along the way. In an apparent attempt to give the police a good reason to help her, Frazier said she was kicked out of her boyfriend’s house and needed a ride to a transit center. Carrying a handful of duffel ...
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Monday December 20, 2010
Firefighters rescue woman and man from burning Portland building
Firefighters rescued two people Friday night from a burning historic Southeast Portland commercial building. A woman and a man, both in their early 30s, were rescued from a burning building at 111 S.E. Madison Friday evening. Both were taken to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. The names of the man and woman and the extent of their injuries have not been released ...
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Monday December 20, 2010
Portland Activists demand the firing of police in Saturday shooting
Community activists assembed in morning rain held a press conference in Portland this morning calling for the firing of the two Portland police officers who were involved in the fatal shooting of Darryel Dwayne Ferguson. 45-year old Darryel Dwayne Ferguson was shot and killed as he opened the door to his Southeast Portland apartment. In his hand he held what police said was a realistic looking ...
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Monday December 20, 2010
Grain truck crashes near Bonneville
BONNEVILLE, Washington - A semi-truck carrying grain crashed on Route 14 in Washington this morning. It was near milepost 26 near Bonneville when 40-year old Guillermo Espinoza turned left on the road before the truck flipped over. Crews useed a backhoe to hold onto the cables and then use a semi-truck that put an anchor down on the ground to weight itself in order to move the truck back o ...
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Sunday December 19, 2010
Sunday Snow For Portland
PORTLAND, Oregon – The snow fell in and around Portland today, lightly, but it stuck in some areas. It was the first December 2010 snow fall for the area. By this afternoon light snow fell briefly on Troutdale. This comes as cold air moves down the Gorge and moist air moves up from the coast. Right around 4 p.m. it began snowing "big white flakes" in Southwest Portland, says KATU Reporter Val ...
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Saturday December 18, 2010
Thousands lose power after police car crashes into power pole
GRESHAM, Oregon - Two Gresham patrol officers were not injured when their police car crashed into a power pole after responding to a call last night at Southeast Stark and 205th Avenue. The accident occurred at about 8:30 last night. A power pole was knocked down by the patrol car and 8,000 customers lost power. Also, TriMet's MAX service was tied up as police blocked off the area for their in ...
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Friday December 17, 2010
Senator Ron Wyden battling prostate cancer
PORTLAND, Oregon – Senator Ron Wyden has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The 61-year-old democrate said the cancer is in its early stage, diagnosed after an annual physical examination a couple weeks ago. Surgery is scheduled for Monday at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Democrats will likely feel Wyden’s absence next week as they try to get enough votes to pass the START Treaty, which requires t ...
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Friday December 17, 2010
Wrong-way driver survives head-on crash with triple trailer
EUGENE, Oregon - Early yesterday morning 25-year-old Joshua Borlaug was driving drunk and heading the wrong way on Interstate 5. He crashed head-on with a semi truck hauling a triple trailer. Borlaug survived but faces charges of DUII, reckless driving, recklessly endangering another person and wrong way on a one way highway. Oregon State Police Trooper Hank Duren was on I-5 north looking fo ...
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