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Story by Larry Fitzpatrick - The Oregon Herald
Published on Tuesday November 10, 2009 - 2:13 PM
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Fire crews raced to a school in Southeast Portland Tuesday afternoon. All students and staff have been accounted for and no injuries have been reported. Flames and heavy dark smoke poured from the Marysville Elementary School the school just before noon. The school has an enrollment of 460 students. The fire quickly went to three alarms.

All children are reported to have been evacuated and are safe.The school facilitates student in kindergarten through eighth grade. At 85 years old, it is one of the oldest schools in the city. Fire alarms reportedly rang as the fire began, prompting an orderly evacuation. One witness said she thinks the fire started near a gymnasium.

Another woman who lives near the school and was once a student said she smelled a burning odor before the fire broke out.