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Story by Oregon State Media, Inc.
Published on Wednesday April 27, 2011 - 10:25 AM
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OREGON CITY - A lead nurse from Willamette Falls Hospital reported to police that a former employee had been caught stealing narcotics. The nurse said this incident was related to a similar call they had made to police the night before on March 30, 2011. The previous evening, hospital staff had reported that somebody was stealing Dilaudid from a pain pump. Dilaudid is a Schedule 2, morphine narcotic in liquid form.

Oregon City Police arrived to find that hospital staff had detained Catherina Hansen (dob: 06-15-59). Ms. Hansen was wearing a blonde wig, red glasses and a white lab coat.

Hospital staff determined that someone had stolen 24.6 mg of Dilaudid from a patient's room on 3-30-11. The Dilaudid was kept in a syringe, inside a locked pain pump. This meant that a key was required to access the medication. This particular pump showed that the patient had not received any medication, through most of the narcotic in the syringe was gone. They alerted hospital employees to look out for suspicious people who might be stealing medication.

On 03-31-11, a nurse found Ms. Hansen in the hallway at about 11:10 pm. This nurse recognized Ms. Hansen, though she was wearing a disguise. The nurse asked Ms. Hansen what she was doing in the hospital; she claimed she was a student.