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Published on Monday April 18, 2011 - 8:52 PM
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At approx. 5:08pm, a citizen reported a male subject hiding behind a tree in the park who appeared to be watching their family. The citizen moved to where they could see what the male was doing and saw that he was masturbating. The citizen became frightened and quickly got their family moving towards their car while also calling the police on their cell phone.

The male, later identified as (S) Davidson, ran away, heading towards the Willamette River, which the park butts up against. Responding Officers started an area check for the suspect. Within a short time, an Officer located (S) Davidson, who was now outside the park fence near the river. (S) Davidson was looking through the fence to where a group of children were. As the Officers got closer, (S) Davidson was observed to be masturbating. Upon being contacted, (S) Davidson ran and jumped into the Willamette River. After a few minutes of being in the river, (S) Davidson came out of the river at the direction of Officers and was taken into custody without further incident.

(S) Davidson was found to have been released from prison only four days ago, where he had been incarcerated for similar sex offenses.

(S) Davidson's Parole Officer was contacted and a detainer was placed due to violating his parole.

(S) Davidson was transported to the Marion County Jail and lodged on the sex offense charges.

(S)DAVIDSON, Dennis J., W/M adult, 33yrs. (dob: 04/17/77), 650 Locust St. NE Charges: 2 counts of Public Indecency