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Published on Thursday March 17, 2011 - 1:37 AM
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On March 16, the Gresham police traffic unit was conducting a stop sign mission at NE 5th Street and NE Hood Avenue, Gresham. At approximately 1:38 p.m., the driver of a Chevy pickup spun his wheels, drawing the attention of the officers, and was stopped a short distance away.

The driver had no identification but voluntarily identified himself as 36-year-old Jose Alfredo Hernandez. Hernandez was with two of his three children, one of which was not properly seat belted. Hernandez could no longer live with his guilt and told the officer he had a warrant.

A records check found Hernandez was wanted in connection to a Gresham sexual abuse case from 1995, and included 10 counts of Rape I, 5 counts of Sodomy and 5 counts of Sex Abuse I. The bail for the 1995 warrant was set at $300,000.00

Hernandez told the arresting officer he fled the area during the 1995 trial, but it is unclear where he fled to or how long he was gone. Hernandez admitted to later returning to the Gresham area with his wife and children.

Hernandez was transported to MCDC where he is currently being held on the sexual assault charges. He was also issued a citation for no operator's license, no insurance and endangering a child passenger.