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Story by Sandy Kromeir, The Oregon Herald, and CNN's Mic
Published on Wednesday March 16, 2011 - 2:30 AM
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BEAVERTON, Oregon - Cynthia is a PSU student currently in Japan getting ready to return home. It's not that she wants to leave all her new friends. She and others like her all across Oregon are being requested to return to Oregon by the University administration.

Because of the uncertainty in Japan, Oregon university administration decided to request students return home. Other states such as California are also requesting students in Japan to return home for safety. Cynthia has been living in Japan since July and misses her family in Oregon but she'd prefer to remain in Japan and complete her stay. However, she understands why she's being asked to return.

Cynthia, who preferred we not use her last name, said she'll really miss all her new friends and adopted family in Japan. She's currently in no danger as she's staying south of Tokyo. She was in Motosu when she received the word to return to the States. She and her Japanese friends were working on a school project helping families relocate to safer areas when another student called and gave her the news.

"But the future now is totally uncertain and I understand", Cynthia admitted. "It's been the most wonderful time of my life, and well, now one of the scariest. I feel guilty about leaving everyone here."