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Story by Sandy Kromeir - The Oregon Herald
Published on Thursday March 3, 2011 - 10:02 AM
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Students at the Lewis Elementary in Southeast Portland are some of the first Portland students doing much of their reading on iPads. They are the first in the Portland school district to use iPads in the classroom in a new pilot program.

The program is run by Bookbyte Digital in Salem. They provide iPads to the children and work with teachers to develop digital lessons to meet Oregon classroom standards.

Fifth grade teacher Sylvia Jen says that since getting the iPads she has seen a big difference in her students.

"They're excited when they have a lesson incorporating iPads," Jen said. "They just can't wait to use them."

A few lessons conventionally on paper have been transferred to the Ipad. She says this allows her kids to use both video and audio files.