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Published on Sunday February 20, 2011 - 11:26 AM
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ROSEBURG, Oregon - Kyron Horman's mother Desiree Young says she is renewing her efforts to find her son. It's been over eight months since Kyron disappeared, the mother of Kyron Horman launched a new effort in the community of Roseburg, where Kyron's stepmother Terri Moulton- Horman is believed to be living with her parents.

"Our mission here today is really simple," said Young. "We love Kyron, and we want him home."

Young and her family posted signs saying "Ask Terri Moulton-Horman where he is!"

Kyron's stepmother dropped him off at Skyline School, and she may have been the last person to see him unharmed.

Police have no suspects and Terri Horman remains a person of interest to the police and have investigated where she was on June 4, the day her stepson disappeared. "I think it's at a critical point in the case," said Young. "Every day I get up and I plug away, and I do what I can do because I love him very much, and I will never stop. Never."