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Story by Larry Fitzpatrick - The Oregon Herald
Published on Sunday February 13, 2011 - 11:10 AM
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SALEM, Oregon - A police officer pulled over a black BMW racing through traffic at down Interstate 5 at 118 mph. He told the sheriff he was making a video to post on YouTube.

30-year old Stanislav Bakanov of Keizer, admitted to police that he was going between 90 and 100 mph in his BMW but the sheriff's office said he was going much faster than that. They also said the conditions on the road were dangerous at that speed because strong wind gusts had sent tree branches onto the highway.

When the sheriff's deputy stopped Bakanov, he was was still filming and played some of the video for the officer. The video contained segments displaying the speedometer at 118 mph. Bakanov had a camera mounted on the windshield to as he videtoped while he drove.

The deputy seized the camera for evidence and arrested Bakanov. He was booked at the Marion County Jail.