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Story by Gordon Grearson - The Oregon Herald
Published on Sunday January 30, 2011 - 2:06 AM
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Three year old A.J Hayes was eating from his Frosted Wheats bowl yesterday at the kitchen table when his dad, Aaron Hayes cut himself with a woodworking chisel. he was involved with homework from his first woodcarving class.

A.J watched as the chisel severed his father's artery, the blade cutting through the wood, the artery and into his father's wrist. His dad told his son to call 911 as they had rehearsed a few times before.

Police found the father over the sink trying to stop the bleeding from the cut on his arm. Police began basic first aid treatment and a crew from the Keizer Fire District arrived just behind him.

A.J.'s father was transported to a Salem Hospital where he was treated and released.