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Story by Donna Millsap and James Daniels - The Oregon H
Published on Thursday January 6, 2011 - 8:07 AM
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Second-degree manslaughter charges have been filed against a Portland man in connection with a crash that killed a woman on a bridge in Portland.

20-year-old Ashley Dettra, of Hillsboro, was killed the day after Christmas when she was thrown from the back seat of a car that crashed on the Broadway Bridge off-ramp.

Andres Escobedo, police say, was driving the car when the wreck occurred.

Escobedo, also 20 years old, faces charges of manslaughter, driving under the influence and assault.

A grand jury dropped the first-degree manslaughter charge to second-degree. The assault charge also dropped from third-degree to fourth-degree.

His next court date is set for Jan. 11.