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Story by Larry Fitzpatrick - The Oregon Herald
Published on Monday December 27, 2010 - 7:31 AM
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SNOQUALMIE PASS, Washington - The search continues for four women who were snowshoeing in the Gold Creek area on Snoqualmie Pass when they become lost Sunday afternoon.

Kittitas County Undersheriff Clayton Myers said one of the women called 911 to report they had left the trail and were lost.

A rescue team has been in cell phone contact and are working with the wireless phone provider to help determine their exact location.

"The challenge we're facing is that there's very, very low visibility, so they can't really give us any good reference points," Myers said.

Fortunately the women area wearing winter clothes, but heavy snow has fallen since the search began and the women are cold and wet.

Searchers on snowmobiles and with snowshoe are exploring the area, Myers said.

"We're optimistic we should be able to find them."