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Story by donna Millsap and James Daniels - The Oregon H
Published on Monday December 20, 2010 - 9:36 PM
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PORTLAND, Oregon – Britany Miller's and her mother Melinda came here from Alaska. Britany has leukemia and has been receiving treatments at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. They've been here since early November. Britany's father is still in Alaska.

Melinda had bought hundreds of dollars of Christmas presents for Britany but on Sunday, thieves stole the presents from the family's SUV in the parking lot at Doernbecher.

Sunday morning Melinda was on her way to church. But she the windows of her SUV smashed. Her computer laptop, along with games and workstation she had bought for her daughter were gone.

OHSU surveillance cameras were not able to capture images of the breakin, and hospital security said break-ins rarely happen and the Miller's car was parked in one of the safest parking lots.

"These are people that come to our hospital, to our university – reaching out in need, and we want them to feel welcome, we want them to feel safe," said Steve Buchtel, director of security for OHSU. "For that to be violated, I do take that very seriously. I certainly would like to catch the people that did this."

No witnesses have come forward and there are no other leads. Because of the damage to the vehicle and the missing presents, the family lost about $1,800.

Offers to help the family are numerous but the Malinda said there are people who need it more; instead, they'd like people to donate to other charities.